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I go about the Lords Business

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

what do you say?

Will the End come as others have predicted?What do you think preacher?
Well know one has really asked me? I guess those that really know me would know my answer anyway!! Why are there people witnessing on the street cnr' Saying the end of the world is coming? Well we are living in the last days that is for sure but these last days, have been the last days all my life time. I was born in 1948 when the British helped to establish Isreal as a Nation, people thought at that time it was near the end,predicting that the end of some thing is near!Well we are closer to the end than we have ever been. However some Media one asked Lester Summeral, and Smith Widdlesworth, what would you do if God spoken to you and said He is coming next Tuesday or when ever? and they both said words to the same affect, they would go out and plant an oak tree. The oak tree is the longest and hardest growing tree but this is the time it would take to forfil the prophecy.
well before I forget i do have books on this subject http://www.divineconnexionsofchrist.com Well its a real shame that people listen to the fables of the unlearned and unwise, and silly carnel people. Rather than give double honour to those whom have really “studied to show themself approved of God a workman that needs not to be ashamed. 2 timothy 2:15. Yes well there will always be some one some where trying there luck to make prodictions, but without the right Spirit it is at very best a lucky guess if they are some where near correct.I beleive without Scripture to back up the predictions then they are just blowing there own trumpet. Its like a wet day without a umbrella you gona get wet? In Corinthians scripture talks about blowing the last trumpet, this signifies, a message. In the old days if there was a message from God and the Prophet was about to speak, the trumpet was blown and the message began to come forth from the Prophet of the day! So in this new testiment times, we see this as mostly a Spiritual thing that is about to happen. Those that have ears to hear,let them hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church.We also know that all Scripture has to be forfilled not some here and some there! and then a wild prediction on the latest whip that some one is decided to preach now! So I am perticularly interested in Romans chapter 8 that the teacher is talking about “walking in the Spirit, and not after the flesh” and goes on to say’ that all creation growns, and travails in pain until NOW! and cry out for the manifestations of the Son’s of God. Well, Well, Well, the rapture believers, and the doom’s day people, have all forgotten to read this did,nt they? Because this has to be happening soon. If we have a manifestation of the Spirit of Jesus happening in our mortal bodies why look to be raptured out of tribulations, we can go through anything!!! With a manifestation of the Spirit of God happening in this body, nothing by any means will hurt us. So this is the hope that I have and by this hope we purify our hearts , this is what the scriptures say? Not that other thing………..end of the world will not be predicted by any man Jesus said so, only the Father in heaven knows when that time will come.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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